Family with Carrying Case

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A family consists of two adult dolls (one male and one female) and two children (one male and one female). The dolls come in light, medium, and dark skin tones with different hair color or other variations to reflect a variety of ethnicities.  There are photos of all the different colors or ethnicities on our Home Page.

All dolls come dressed in underwear and clothes.  Adult dolls are 22" and the child dolls are 17" long.  Male Adult dolls are designed with a moustache, chest hair, underarm hair, pubic hair and a circumcised penis. A condom is included with all adult male dolls, unless otherwise specified. Female Adult dolls are assembled with a clitoris, underarm hair, pubic hair, and vaginal opening. The dolls are made out of a polyester knit and stuffed with polyfil which makes them soft and cuddly.

The carrying bag which holds about four dolls is included.